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Discount Travel Insurance

Introduction to Online Travel Insurance

Insurance to cover you while you travelTravelling can mean many different things to different people - anything from attending business meetings, training and conferences, to visiting family and friends, or going off on an adventure to discover exciting and exhilarating new experiences. However, cirumstances can easily occur which could turn out to be very costly if you are away from home and something unforeseen happens. Many times travellers are caught out with additional expenses incurred for anything from injury or medical emergency to a loss of baggage or even a simple delay in your travel arrangements.

In the past decade, medical costs in many countries have increased dramatically, and even countries with low- cost National Health plans are now demanding payment in full from foreign visitors for any medical services that they may be required to render.

In addition to the continuing rise in the expense of medical services, travel operators such as airlines and tour operators worldwide have made booking terms and conditions - and in particular cancellation policies - much more stringent in recent years. So were you to cancel a trip prior to your departure, there is every possibility that a large part of your pre-paid travel expenses may not be refunded. On theTravel Insurance covers you for injury and medical emergency. other hand, if you have to interrupt a trip part the way through for any reason, it is likely that you will find re-arranging your itinerary and purchasing a one-way economy fare to return home early to be more expensive than ever.

Adding to the above uncertainties, the risk of global terrorism, the heightened possibility of travel industry operators going 'belly up', worldwide economic fluctuations and other normal unforeseen events of life, and you can see why lots of people are scrambling to provide themselves with some form of financial cover while they are travelling.

The fallout of these imponderables is that smart travellers buy online travel insurance.

It is one of the best ways to protect yourself financially from possible losses resulting from cancelled or interrupted trips or an emergency medical situation.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Insurance that gives cover to people travelling - usually overseas - on holidays or business.

Some of the benefits from buying online travel insurance include reimbursement for medical expenses, loss of luggage and money, cancellation or curtailment, departure delay and loss of passport etc. - at premiums way below policies traditionally purchased through Travel Agents.

Travel Insurance covers for accident and unforseen circumstance Lump sums are payable for personal accident covering death, loss of limbs or eyes or permanent disablement. Certain legal expenses for claims against a third party causing injury to the insured are also payable, plus personal liability cover if the insured causes injury to a third party or their property.

The maximum amounts of cover in all the above cases are stipulated by the insurer.

So if you are planning to travel it is a good idea to budget for travel insurance along with your other travel expenses.

It is a small investment to make, giving you financial peace of mind when travelling. Read why you should seriously consider taking out Travel Insurance.

Accom.Com.Au has a range of discount insurance policies to suit business and holiday travellers alike from some of the industry's leading discount suppliers of Travel Insurance.

1. Annual Cover - Ideal for business people or those who may make frequent trips both interstate and overseas. An annual policy makes good financial sense, as it covers you for a number of trips within a 12 month period on a single policy. Details here.

2. Single Trip Insurance - Ideally suited to holidaymakers and leisure travellers - simply select your dates and destination for a quote. Policies available for people of most major nationalities. Check details here.

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