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Discount Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance Cover

Annual Travel Insurance from 1cover protects you all year round whether you are on business or on holiday. It is designed for customers who are planning to travel multiple times in the next 12 months, and covers trips up to 90 days in length. With an Annual Multi Trip Insurance policy there is no need to worry about arranging your insurance for every journey you take and you will find that it is quite often a lot better value than having to purchase individual policies each time you travel.


At present, around 95% of residents buying their annual insurance in Australia are purchasing from Travel Agents. This can cost you up to 66% more than an annual insurance policy from us. Get a quote from 1cover now and see the incredible savings you can make for yourself.

If you are a family, then your children will travel for free on our Frequent Traveller policy. Each member of the family can also travel independently. Our policies also include unlimited Medical Cover for activities such as Scuba Diving and Skiing with an additional option to cover your equipment as well. So if you intend to take part in one of these activities whilst you are away, then you will not find a better value policy than with 1cover.

1cover's complete 'quote and buy' process, from initial quote through to online payment and delivery of the annual insurance policy by email and mobile text messaging, is fully automatic and will only take a matter of minutes.

The site gives you an instant quotation, making full cover details available to you at all times, and thereby allowing you to easily conduct your transaction online. By buying online, you will be given a generous discount, and you will be able to print off your own personalised travel insurance policy which the site automatically generates, with all payments received via a secure encrypted server.

Our 'quote to purchase' is extremely quick and straight forward and has a wide range of policies to suit your differing travel insurance needs.

Business Travel Insurance Makes Good Sense.

Financial strategies are still carved out of the creative balance between transferring risk to an insurer, and retaining risk with self - however, retentions are becoming more fluid. As the market for risk management is maturing, people and businesses are using a combination of financial instruments, hard asset investments and insurance policies to make up their financial portfolios.

So the time is ripe is to take a long hard look at the insurance sector - Insurance can simply be defined as a legal agreement between insured and insurer, promising compensation for specific losses in exchange for a periodic payment. There are different kinds of insurance such life insurance, disability insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, business interruption insurance and travel insurance.

Here, we are focusing on travel insurance in some detail. Travel insurance can simply be defined as an agreement between the traveller and the insurance company that ensures compensation to the traveller in case his/her travel plans are disrupted due to unforeseen events. These unforeseen events can be accidents, health problems, loss of luggage and cancellation of flight.


Tips to remember while buying travel insurance.

Examine your current insurance policies. Experts counsel that prior to purchase of a travel insurance policy you should examine all your current insurance policies and seek information on what areas you already have been covered.  The idea is to avoid a travel insurance policy that is offering you the coverage that you are already entitled to.

Buy from insurance company.  Presently, 95% of Australian travelers buy their travel insurance from travel agents that costs them many times more than policies bought from insurance companies. Buying a travel insurance policy from 1cover can help you save money - get a quote from us and see if it isn't cheaper than the rest! Therefore it is better to buy insurance packages from the insurance companies than to buy it from tour operators and travel agents.

Check out medical coverage aspect. Medical coverage is one of the most important aspect of travel insurance policy. In case you meet an accident or a serious health problem, while traveling, your medical bill can run into million of dollars in foreign countries like US and Canada. Therefore it is essential to get complete information on medical coverage like repatriation details, cost of ambulances and mode of claim settlement before you venture to travel abroad.

Get information on reimbursement and deductible amount. The amount of money that the insurance companies pay as claims to the travellers is governed by case specific factors. For example, in case of theft and robbery the amount of claim that is paid is usually smaller. However, in case of trip cancellation, traveller might receive a complete reimbursement. Experts also suggest that you should also be aware of the deductible amount. Many travel insurance companies require travellers to pay something first.  In such conditions, you should check that the proposed amount should not be more than the cost of your luggage.

Shop around. Research the market and compare the different insurance policies. You can choose from the many competitive deals that are available both offline and online.  

Seek advice. Your friends and family can provide valuable information to you regarding their experiences on travel insurance.  You can also consider taking professional advice from the industry experts. The experts will analyze your requirement and can help you access the best travel insurance deal.

Seek a customized insurance policy.  There are different kinds of travellers and each have their own specific needs and requirements. Always ask for a tailor-made insurance policy that will enable you to enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind.

Read fine print. Many of us often ignore the fine print that is a repository of information implications in case of a claim. Reading fine print will allow you to have a clear picture and value of the policy that you are purchasing.

1cover offers customers the best insurance deals available anywhere in Australia and abroad. Ours is a one-stop destination that offers policies like single trip travel insurance, annual frequent travel insurance and backpacker travel insurance at most competitive rates.

So, go ahead and buy the best business travel insurance deal right here!


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