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Kids Activity Book

Trying to keep the kids interested and entertained while travelling can often be a tough call. Hours of listening to their favourite CD's, interspersed with games of "I Spy", "Interstate Number Plates", slap fights, and the inevitable cries of "Are we there yet?" can often make long journeys a little stressful to say the least.

We believe we may have an answer. We have just released our first kids' travel activity book, "Are We There Yet?", which provides a range of educational and fun activities to keep the kids entertained for hours whilst on holidays.

The 26-page book has been written by Cathy Halloran, an Executive Teacher with 10 years' experience in Programming & Classroom Teaching in both the Public and Private Education Systems. "Are We There Yet?" has been written specifically for 5 - 12 year olds, integrating the theme of travel with open-ended Literacy activities, covering a wide range of Key Learning Areas, including Mathematics, Human Society and It's Environment, and Creative & Practical Arts.

"Are We There Yet?" is available for free download in .pdf format - simply click the link below to download the 26 page document. Enjoy!

Requires Acrobat Reader.

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